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Outstanding Value. fitscape 7 night fitness holidays from £1,195 per person all inclusive.
"I thought my holiday would be good but I was unprepared for how brilliant I would feel by the end of the week..."

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BA Highlife magazine joins fitscape

BA Highlife magazine sends a journalist to try out a fitscape week in the South of France

The tester – Bryony Coleman: ‘I was keen to take my exercise regime further and to have a luxury holiday that involved eating well without putting on weight.’

The lowdown – Fitscape is the antidote to hardship. Its owners very clearly state that it’s ‘no boot camp’ and they’re not wrong. The exercise is so seamlessly woven into the day that it becomes a pleasure, not a chore. It’s a clever idea. You eat exceptionally well (albeit healthily) and then work it off with a manageable regime of hiking, circuit training, yoga, martial arts, running and cycling. And lots and lots of stretching.

Fitscape hosts weeks in Italy and Spain, but my destination was Provence and a turreted fairy-tale castle dating back to the 16th century. The five-star bedrooms and bathrooms are vast and regal, the public spaces opulent and plentiful. Joining an eclectic group of men and women, some fit and young, some (OK, me) less so, everyone had their own agenda, but the general agreement was that it was a wonderful way to eat three delicious meals a day (and snacks in between) and still manage to tone, re-energise and boost fitness levels.

The only danger for me was that the onus is on guests to manage their own portion control, which proved particularly challenging with the sumptuous buffet-style breakfasts and the plentiful supply of the Chateau’s rosé wine in the evenings.

It really was all good: fun group activities in the grounds, free time reading by the pool, hiking amidst the vineyards.

The result – I left with a healthy glow and I’d never felt better – or better fed.

Note: fitscape has moved on to new venues now, and no longer hosts weeks in Provence.  For all future fitscape weeks, please see dates & destinations

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