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fitscape is no mere boot camp

We try to make it clear that the quality of the individual care, food and accommodation on fitscape fitness holidays means that our holidays are no mere boot camps, so it’s good to see that Esquire have picked up on this in the latest edition of the magazine, within an article entitled ‘How to beat Winter Lethargy’:

“Fitscape programmes cover hiking, boxercise, core fitness and lots of personal training, but it manages to retain the atmosphere of a holiday rather than a straight boot camp. With bases in France, Spain and the Dolomites in Italy, there’s something for all fitness levels, even sloths who need coaxing in to action.”

On a recent fitscape holiday, our team asked all the guests what it was that persuaded them to book a fitscape fitness holiday.  Apart from all the obvious comments like ‘it was recommended by a friend’, about half stated that the line on fitscape’s home page that said we were ‘not a boot camp’ helped clinch the booking.  Indeed, the link to the page describing what we think the difference is between a fitscape fitness holiday and a boot camp, is regularly read by visitors to the site.  Here’s what we say:

The term boot camp derives from the military, where new recruits or conscripts are hammered into submission and forced to undergo relentless, even brutal, training to lick them into shape. Break them down, then re-build them. If that’s what you’re looking for, then fitscape is not for you.

fitscape does not offer a ‘one size suits all’ approach to fitness. It is, after all, your holiday. Each fitscape guest (not conscript!) has a tailored programme designed to their individual abilities and goals, carefully monitored and adjusted by one our friendly, highly experienced personal trainers. And there’s plenty of choice throughout each day. Guests are not forced to do anything and everything. However, if you follow the advice and your tailored recommendations, you will achieve a great improvement in your fitness, encompassing cardio fitness, stamina and strength. And you’ll have fun too.

Unlike at a boot camp, you will not get shouted at or forced to peel potatoes if you feel like staying in bed one morning. Guests are, however, encouraged to take part in as much as possible and our team will drive you and motivate you to achieve your goals for the week.

fitscape destinations are stylish, comfortable and luxurious, set in beautiful locations, with delicious nutritious cuisine. No billy cans, we promise. The bedrooms are all spacious and individually decorated, with en suite bathrooms, and plenty of fluffy clean towels.

So, if you’re looking for a fitness holiday, fitscape is for you.


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