Fabulous Fitness Holidays!
Outstanding Value. fitscape 7 night fitness holidays from £1,195 per person all inclusive.
"I thought my holiday would be good but I was unprepared for how brilliant I would feel by the end of the week..."

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Ideas and advice to improve your fitness

Kick start your fitness programme

John Brierley, fitscape personal trainer and manager of the British Athletics Team at the 2010 Delhi games, gives his advice on how to get refocused on your fitness after the Christmas holidays (or any other period that interrupted your schedule).  Read

It's important to set yourself realistic fitness goals

What are the keys to success in achieving your objectives?  Jon Orum, long standing fitscape fitness instructor, gives you his ideas for the best way to achieve success.  Read

Why resistance training should be part of your fitness regime

Many people have a fitness programme which incorporates a couple of runs a week or a cycle with maybe a few warm up exercises and a stretch at the end. Whilst this is great for your cardiovascular fitness it does very little in terms of developing your strength and your core stability.  More

Finish, then refuel fast

Refueling after a workout or run is the last crucial step you must take to ensure that you look after yourself properly and get the most out of your training.  More

Improve your running technique

Fitscape trainer Craig Carroll gives his top tips for running efficiency.  More

Running shoes and running surfaces

One downside to running as an exercise is that it repetitively impacts your body.  Two important ways to minimize these risks are choosing quality footwear and the type of surface you run on.   Read

How to stay fit on holiday

Elizabeth Banks, fitscape personal trainer, gives her advice on how to stay fit on holiday - if you're not lucky enough to be on a fitscape fitness week!  More

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