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holiday fitness tips

fitscape personal trainer Elizabeth Banks explains how to keep fit while on holiday.  Clearly, if you really want to stay fit or get fitter, the best option is to come on a fitscape fitness week!  But, if you can't, here are some great tips from Elizabeth:

1. Be Realistic
Be realistic about how many workouts you want to do while you’re away. Don’t be too tough on yourself. Even if you let it go completely, it doesn’t take long to undo the damage when you get home.

2. Make Exercise Fun
Make exercise fun by combining it with holiday activities: walk to the beach, rent bikes to explore, take out a kayak for an hour. You can break up your workout into small chunks - a few minutes in the pool, then sunbathing then back in the pool.

3. Try a Suspension Trainer
If you want a total body workout in your villa or hotel room, invest in a TRX Suspension Trainer. It’s all the kit you need and it weighs just 1.2kg and folds down to the size of a bag of sugar. If that’s too much, you can buy a stretchy Dyna-Band at most good sports shops.

4. Run on the Beach
Running on the beach is great exercise. The different terrain is a good workout for your feet. If you want it to make a bit more challenging, do it barefoot. Swimming is a good low-impact exercise, and you can do it during the heat of the day.

5. Time it Right
You may want to get up early to exercise before the temperature gets too high and the beach and pool get crowded. But listen to your body. If you’re not a morning person it might be better to exercise in the evening.

6. Hydrate
Make sure you stay well hydrated, particularly after a long flight. Drink lots of water during the day and try to alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. If you do drink too much, don’t beat yourself up - remember tomorrow is another day!

7. Treat Yourself
Buy a new piece of kit - that’s always a great incentive for exercise. It could be a new pair of swimming goggles, or a pair of trainers. One of the best pieces of kit you can buy is a skipping rope, and it weighs very little.

8. Eat Well
Don’t forget the importance of eating well. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up mentally and if you eat a good breakfast, you are less likely to get peckish and snack on junk food throughout the day.

Elizabeth Banks has worked in the fitness profession for 10 years and is a keen boxer, skier and mountain biker. She has a studio in Central London and works as a personal trainer for fitscape and in:spa retreats

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