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Outstanding Value. fitscape 7 night fitness holidays from £1,195 per person all inclusive.
"I thought my holiday would be good but I was unprepared for how brilliant I would feel by the end of the week..."

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Guest comments - Italian Dolomites

We have hosted several extremely successful fitscape holidays at Rosa Alpina in the Dolomites. After all our holidays, we email a brief online questionnaire for guests to complete.  It's an invaluable mechanism for ensuring the we get a detailed understanding of everyone's opinion about all facets of their holiday and enables us to continually improve and enhance the quality and experience for everyone on our trips.  Here are a few of the comments…

There was nothing I didn’t like, everything was the best!

I am really glad you are using the same hotel again next year as it was top notch in all ways.

Al’s food was amazing!

For someone that is not a keen hiker, I thoroughly enjoyed them. They were all challenging in their different ways and also varied. I particularly enjoyed them because it gave a great opportunity to talk to your fellow fitscapers.

All staff were excellent and I really had a great time.

The hotel was beautiful – the setting was breathtaking and the hotel very luxurious. The staff were very helpful and friendly.

Perfect holiday to kick start a healthy routine. Particularly liked the fact that it was emphasised throughout that it was a holiday. This set the tone for a relaxed holiday and made me all the more motivated to make the most of each session. Also liked that fact that treats (cafeine, alcohol, carbs) were available should you want them.

Now I know what personal trainers should be like!

What an amazing hotel. The staff were great, the rooms just perfect with beautiful views and always very clean.

This will be my yearly escape!


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