Fabulous Fitness Holidays!
Outstanding Value. fitscape 7 night fitness holidays from £1,195 per person all inclusive.
"I thought my holiday would be good but I was unprepared for how brilliant I would feel by the end of the week..."

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fitness holidays for singles

Fitness holidays can be the perfect choice for those wishing to travel alone as there is so much to do all day and it’s a great way of meeting like-minded people in an unpressurised way. 

Fitscape understands this and takes great care in ensuring that all the guests on its holidays (of which, generally speaking, 70% are visiting on their own) feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they arrive, and all have a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding week.

Every guest is allocated their own personal trainer ‘mentor’ for the week, who will sit down with you on the first day to fully understand what it is that you are looking to achieve, how fit you really are and, therefore, how realistic your goals are.  He or she will then make sure that – from the range of fitness options available each day – that your personal programme is exactly suited to you and that you take part in all those that are ideal for you.  So, fitscape takes a very individual approach to each guest.

The fitness programme is a combination of individual and group activities.  For example, your own private personal training sessions and group events like circuit training, jogs and hikes. 

Fitscape generally has between 20 to 25 guests on its fitness holidays and everyone joins in with everything – unless their personal trainer recommends otherwise (or, for that matter, you simply feel like staying in bed a bit longer in the morning or you fancy an extra hour lying by the pool; it is, after all, your holiday and not a boot camp!).

Meals tend to be around one or two large dining tables, so it’s very easy to mix in with the other guests.  And, of course, the hikes and most of the other activities are a great way of getting to know your fellow travellers. 

One of the things we most love about organising our fitscape fitness holidays is how so many of our guests become firm friends and how many of them choose to come on their next fitscape holiday together!

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